Jag har ganska kass ritlust för tilfället, så jag postar prylar istället. Har ni några idéer om vad ni vill se/läsa här?


in english
I'm not in the mood for drawing right now, so I'm shipping stuff instead. Have you got any ideas of what you might wanna see/read on this blog?

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Josefine sa...

Mer bokrecensioner! Gå in på djupet typ (:
Rekommendera böcker!

Galit sa...

I just arrived to your blog (I think that maybe via 16 House but not sure...) and I just love it!!
From the little I've seen (just browsed your last posts) I just want more of the same!
It is an amazing beautiful corner that you have here!!! Please keep on posting!!!

P.S. I've just emptied your shop... Shame non of those bag are left!! but at least I have me some new prints and a postcard!! Yay!!

hila sa...

I love seeing how things are made, so I'd love to see your creative process. But your posts are pretty wonderful as they are :)