Owl Streets

Hi! Me and my friends recently released Owl Streets, a place where you can buy tote bags, posters and other things designed by me. Maybe you remember the old Masugn tote bags; this is their new home! Take a look!


Some graphic design

Quote from the song Wooden Heart by Listener.

From the movie Into the Wild (2007) by Sean Penn.

From the song Running up that hill by Kate Bush.

I made these for RedPaintedWreck over att Society6: RedPaintedWreck.



I've been making some posters for OurBrokenHouse lately. Here some of the ones I've made:

Into the Wild poster

Amélie poster

A Clockwork Orange

Jurassic Park poster

Blade Runner poster


Hör upp!

Zinet Hör upp har släppt ett nytt nummer med tema skräck. Jag har bidragit med några sidor ur min korta (ännu helt opublicerade) serie som jag gjorde för ett år sedan. Personligen tycker jag att det är det bästa numret hittills, och det borde räcka för att göra er peppade på att läsa! Kolla in shopen för att skaffa er ett nummer: Klicka här!

Hör upp!

Hör upp!


A shop update

I'm having some kind of sale at the shop. The drawings are originals, so there's just one of each. Go here: tillfabriken.bigcartel.com

shop update - sale!

where nobody goes

from wonders


The Bison

I made a new bag print a couple of weeks ago. Finally we're done printing it! It's available in the Masugn store over here!

The Bison

The Bison close-up


The portraits

Woah, a lot of people commented on my last post about the portraits. I've contacted some of you, and I'm gonna contact some more when I'm done drawing the first ones. A big thanks to all of you.


Want a free portrait?

I'm trying to improve my digital drawing technique and I need something to draw. Last night I made this portrait of myself with the mouth and nose I often use on my creatures. Write a comment if you want one of your own! I thought I'd do maybe 5-8 of these.

self portrait